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Why are the files split into multiple pieces?
Because this free server only allows files under 500KB, I had to split downloads into multi-part compressed archives.

NOTE: Several of these parts will look very different in the Editor's Preview than they will in the final game. Previews show all textures as opaque so parts will frequently look solid color.

NOTE: Several of Object and Item downloads here will require that their texture files (*.txr) be manually transferred into a built (aka Create Runtime function) game's folders.

Translation Patches -- Extra Tools -- Add on Object type parts

Add on Item type parts -- Add on Map Piece type parts -- Other

Sword of Moonlight: King's Field Making Tool translation patch v1.1

UPDATED 8-24-2008: The v1.1 updated patch includes various fixes and clarifications.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8
Sword of Moonlight 'extra tools' translation patch v1.1. These Tools may be downloaded on From Software's website.

UPDATED 8-24-2008: The v1.1 updated patch translates a few more error messages.

Sword of Moonlight 'add-on' Enemy and NPC translation patch v1.0. These extra Enemies and NPCs may be downloaded on From Software's website. Download
Sword of Moonlight game menu translation v1.1 for Japanese games. This exe will translate the menu and some other text in Japanese Sword of Moonlight games to English. Download

A tool for Map Pieces that can convert SoM '*.txr' files to bmp files Download
Some files that let you easily use multiple SoM installs Download
A SPAZ-tastic damage calculator that should help you set equipment/Enemy stats in your game. It's in Microsoft Excel format so you'll need Excel or a free-ware equivalent to use it! Download
Some files and directions to let you make Objects with moving textures. Good for making something like a flowing river or waterfall. Included directions are for use with Metasequoia 3D modeler. Download
A set of files submitted by HolyDiver which are part of a project that he hopes will one day let people distribute multi- language translations with SoM games. For now, he recommends it for extracting a copy of the text from a compiled game into a single '.POT' file (opens in a text editor). That lets you easily run it through a spell-checker! Download

Object: Four different 'water sheets' to make water levels in lakes and such Download
Object: Tiger object with no animation Download
Object: Two different types of pine trees Download
Object: A human arm Download
Object: An arrow Download
Object: A stone bridge walkway Download
Object: Four different crystal objects. One set of 4 as 'light source' type to use as lamps in caves, and a set of 4 as 'treasure chest' type for putting gems or ore in a cave-wall crystal.

UPDATED 5-16-08: 4 'Normal crystals' altered to become 'lamp' objects. If you have the original 'Crystal (x)', I recommend that you delete their .prf files and replace them with the 'Lamp Crystal (x).prf' since the Crystal objects are redundant.

Object: A halo that can be placed on the ground or wall and works as a light source

UPDATED 5-16-08: Halo object was altered to become a light source. If you have the original 'Halo (1)', I recommend that you delete its .prf file and replace it with the 'Lamp Halo (1).prf' since the Halo object is redundant.

Object: A passageway with a floating seal that matches 1-1 Set map texture Download
Object: Two large pillars Download
Object: A decorative plant. Works good to set size to 3x in the parameter editor. Download
Object: A stone tiger statue. Download
Object: A triple waterfall. Just a copy of the flowing fountain object with the stone parts made invisible and the collision data removed so you can walk through it. You can place it in various positions and sizes to mimic a flowing waterfall. Download
Object: Nine decorative plants including grass, bushes etc.

UPDATED 6-14-08: I upgraded 6 of the 7 original plants to look better and added 2 new large grass 'assembly' Objects for making grassy areas without placing a lot of individual grass objects. The ReadMe has some important info about the upgraded models so you might want to . . . well, actually read it! Don't worry, you're not alone; I never read them either :P

Object: Four different looking teapots Download
Object: A large round tree Download
Object: Three dead gnarled trees Download
Object: A wooden bridge-dock and 3 lumber parts Download
Object: A banner on a pole in 2 different shades Download
Object: Three different Lava sheets that register as lamps, and a green water sheet for representing sewer/poison etc. Download
Object: A flowering Plant Download
Object: A Lily Pad Plant Download
Object: A Pine Tree Part 1 - Part 2
Object: A Window assembly for use with the House map sets Download
Object: A single and double wide door frame for use with the House map sets. They let you place a door next to a corner Piece without having see-through walls. Download
Object: An ornamental willow tree Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Object: A set of three water sheets that 'flow' when placed on a map! I know you've all been waiting to do a remake of Kevin Costner's hit movie Water World. Now's your chance! Download
Object: A set of 56 different rock Objects. Use these and all your games will rock!!
HA HA HA HA. . . .
Part 1 - Part 2

Item: A copy of 'Ring (1)' that can't be equipped but can be used as an item. Download
Item: A file that makes the Gold coin an item that can be put in treasure chests and will show up in the player's inventory Download
Item: A pick and it's handle and head. Can make a fun 'combine items' scenario Download

Map Piece: 1-1 Set: Floor piece that the player will fall through if they try to walk across it. Also directions on how to make any map piece 'walk-through'. Download
Map Piece: Two sets of Map Pieces to build outdoor houses. Incidentally, the house roofs can be walked on if gameplay requires.

UPDATED 6-14-08: I made a mistake in the original release and left out some files needed for the second house set to show up in the Map Editor. This release includes the files missing from the first and 3 new Pieces which enable you to make L and other odd shaped houses.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Map Piece: One set of basic but flexible Map Pieces for building many different stone structures including a two-story castle with roof access, towers and a spiral staircase. Blueprints included! Download
Map Piece: A third house building map Piece set. This Japanese style house was made by a Japanese SoM fan. The set is no longer available on the internet so I just translated, renumbered and clarified thier icons to work with the English SoM and posted it here. Download

Sword of Moonlight Desktops Part 1 - Part 2
An improved 'Sky Kit' for SoM: It improves the overall look of the ingame sky, adds a couple optional moons and lets you put a picture of mountains, stars or such on the horizon. Directions for customization included!

UPDATED 10-17-09: This updated 'Sky Kit+' has an added 'Ground' texture and supports a much higher resolution horizon scene. Also, the new horizon layer no longer warps textures so it is better suited for graphics with straight edges (like a building) than the old horizon was.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4